In case you have already entrusted a company with the management of your property and are only interested in optimising your bookings for your holiday property, we can offer you the following options:


  • The development and elaboration of one or more website appearances, that is the photographing and describing of the object up to the publication in the Internet (on our Website with a lot of informational text and a picture gallery with up to 14 pictures), free of charge for house owners.
  • Placement of the rental object on as well as on several other websites, all free of charge for homeowners.
  • The administrative and financial processing of a booking, i.e. obtaining a signed booking confirmation, a copy of the passport or identity card and full payment. Without complete documentation and complete payment, no directions will be sent and, of course, no access to your property will be permitted.
  • The complete information about the group of tenants regarding arrival (time, airport or car), departure (time, airport or car), number of persons, composition of the group (children, adults), etc. is passed on to the responsible management company in order to make bookings run smoothly (determine time for handing over keys when moving in and out, optimize cleaning plans, etc.).
  • 24 hour emergency service for all guests of the rental group, in principle the responsibility of your management company, but we are available to help in emergency situations.
  • Payment of achieved rental income to you directly or your mansion management, according to your wishes.


In the signed booking confirmation, the tenant declares his agreement with the evacuation of ALL guests in the event of overcrowding of your property. 90% of rental income is, as stated in rental contract and accepted by signature, secured in case tenant cancels rental contract within two months before first day of rental period.

If you are interested in our service, you give us a written “rental order”, which describes what we require from you and what you can expect from us, so misunderstandings in the course of the cooperation are excluded.

For us,, it is our goal to offer you a hassle free renting out of your property, ensuring an extremely reliable organisation and service so you can be at home with a clear conscience.

Per achieved booking a commission fee will be charged, not to be indicated generally, starting from 10% + IVA. Depending on your property, a fixed fee for a certain rental period might be considered.